YO YO YO! I'm Tylar and I'm kind of really big on laughs. I got class clown in middle school AND high school so I kind of feel as if it's my duty to bring the laughter and the fun to any and every occasion. Not only is laughter the best medicine, but it looks freaking awesome captured in photos too. Whether you need someone to crack a joke or someone to tickle your little one I’ll do whatever it takes to extract and capture that authentic emotion. I’m a full time teacher and I’m definitely not in it for the money because we all know that teachers don’t make “big bucks” but being a support system for children and their families is priceless. Family, whether it’s chosen or blood, means everything to me. I have a hyperactive, rambunctious, yet loving five year old. From her looks to her attitude she is a miniature me (hence why we bump heads so often) and is the heart of my family. I love shooting family photos because for just a moment I get to be a part of another family's memory making and THAT is pure bliss.