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Hi, I'm Mikaya.I've always had an artistic side. Art has always kind of been my thing. From paintings, to sketching, to making my own Halloween costumes, and even now through photos and film. Ever since I was a little kid I've been in lovewith films and television shows. I've always been in awe with the way they're able to bring out so many different emotions. Since then, I've known that I wanted to be apart of telling beautiful raw stories. After High School, I moved to New York City where I got my BA in Tv, Radio, and Film Production. While in college I lived In Scotland for half a year and spent my summers traveling around the world(Japan & Greece being my favorites). Capturing and documenting the world and all of its insane beauty has only heightened my love for photography and videography(Who's ready to travel?). Since then, I've ventured back to the Ohio Valley to work as a News Director for WTRF News, spend more time with my family and friends, and start a BOMB business with my squad. Working for the news allows me to be a part of telling real local stories every day. Having the opportunity to see media from both perspectives has made me realize that what really makes me happy is telling YOUR stories. Documenting your love, your tears, your laughter brings me back to all those feelings I felt as a kid & there's no greater feeling than that!

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